Lee the Chickers Guy Picture Gallery

 I have a Reds Hens name Ms. Red Warrior I don't know what kinds of hens  she is Ms. Red so I need your Help I really like to know what kinds of hens Miss Red is??? So Please watch my videos to see Ms. Red or look at her pic plz writre me if think or know leethechickensguy@yahoo.com    Thank you.

Ms. Red she is about 8 months old. 

 1 name Highlight she is a Brown Red Old English Game Hen she about 8 Months old.

Other 2 Hens are a Wheaten Old English Game Hen The Hens are about 8 months old. 


2 New Roosters are a Rhode Island Red Chris hatched July 3rd. 2010 5 months old.

Here is me & Highlight

1 1/2 years old Gallo Kelson Rooster name is Magnum,

Here are my 2 new Roosters name Checkers and Fire Ball Roosters are a Buff Orphington and Dominidue mix the mom is a Buff Orphington and the dad is a Dominique.

Checkers & Fire Ball are 6 months old.  

More Picture Gallery 

Ms. Red 

coming soon!


Gallo Kelson or

Game Rooster

coming soon!

 Hank & Runkleis

my Rhode Island Red


Brown Red Old English Game Hen

coming soon!


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